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Jayne Herbert, Penzance, Cornwall

Carn Galver, Penwth Moors, Penzance, CornwallHi, I'm Jayne

I am a semi retired freelance web designer working from home on the Penwith Moors, near Penzance in Cornwall.

I also own a web directory called Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory (CACD), which is designed to bring together the wealth of things to do with all aspects of arts and crafts in Cornwall.

Casey our retired greyhound boyI spend quite a lot of time walking, swimming and doing lots of arty and crafty things. I love all sorts of arts and crafts and have recently started to learn to draw and paint.

I also enjoy photography, especially with the advent of the digital camera. Although 90% of my photographs are of Casey, moths and the local area, I do sometimes travel further field. I just love taking photographs of sunrises and sunsets, and it's such a great place to be able to do it.

Casey, our 10 year old greyhound, is very keen on his walks and seems to be enjoying the benefits of having the Penwith Moors right on his doorstep. He knows very well that we do not encourage the chasing of rabbits or small furry things - a very strange concept for a retired greyhound.


One of my other hobbies is trying to identify moths. I run a moth trap all year round, a couple of times a week. The light attracts the the moths without hurting them and I try to identify as many moths as possible before I let them go.

I have been doing it for a few years now but am still learning and am far from being an expert but hopefully improving all the time.




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