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Does Casey the greyhound have a corn?

Meet, greet and walks with the greyhoundsMany people who have seen our Casey will often see him wearing a boot on his right back foot.

The foot was originally smashed in a racing accident, and the bones have healed but calcified. This doesn't appear to affect him very much as long as we don't over exercise him. Although he usually stands with the leg slightly wider than the others and has missing a toenail.

He seems to keep picking up tiny stones in a small hole in the pad. We have been using Walkers boots outside on and off during this time but the hole will not heal fully.

Our vet has suggested that it could be a corn and that it may be best for Casey to have it cut out. If this doesn't work then the toe may be amputated.

It is only one location in one pad and only seems to bother him when he gets something in it. However it can be extremely difficult to see the foreign object and remove it.

Having done a little research on the Internet, we are not totally convinced that it is a corn and even if it is the advice on the Internet seems opposed to surgery.

Trixie Walker Care Protective BootsCasey regularly wears a special Trixie Walker Care Protective Boots to help protect his poorly paw.

They are made of neoprene, with an artificial leather back and sole and fastened with velcro. They are usually sold as pairs but alway check.

We haven't tried the new Walker Active Protective Boots yet but may well do when I put in another order. They are more expensive but look harder wearing - and we do get through a lot of boots!


Pictures of Casey's paws

Greyhound corn
Greyhound corn?

Casey has always walked with his right back leg slightly to one side
since we had him, we belive this was due to a breaking his leg in a racing injury


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