Jayne Herbert Art

Jaynes Zazzle stores

I have a number of on-line stores with Zazzle where you can purchase a wide selection of my creations:

Zazzle: I just upload my images and choose which products I would like my artwork to appear on and Zazzle do the rest. Zazzle are an American company, so please check delivery times when making any purchases.

Etsy: I have now opened a store on Etsy selling digital downloads. There are a lots of digital background papers and my new marine colouring book. Visit www.etsy.com/shop/jayneherbertart

Penzance: I also sell a selection of products I have created at Treasure, a wonderful little gift shop at the bottom end of Penzance high street. Mainly notebooks, which I have printed and bound at home but also several of the acrylic pour paintings I have done recently.


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