Special greyhound foster carers needed

Greyhound foster carers neededFrom time to time the Retired Greyhound Trust have greyhounds that have suffered physical and/or emotional harm in the past and are not yet ready to be re-homed in the short term.

Our “special greyhound foster carers” are expected to offer more than just fostering, they are people with knowledge, skill and experience of handling dogs such that they are able to take on these greyhounds that have special needs.

These “special greyhound foster carers” would take these "needy" greyhounds on and help them to recover and move on to be adopted and live a normal life after racing.

If you think you have the expertise to help these beautiful dogs, please contact Geoff Pearce, at the Cornwall branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust on 01872 560629 or Sandra at the Russet Greyhound Sanctuary on 01209 8311.

Please note that although I love greyhounds, own one and and have pages about them on my web site, I am not actually involved with rehoming.




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