A quick world history of the greyhound

Turkey: Two greyhound 'types' are depicted in temple drawings which are thought to date to 6000 BC!

Iran: A funerary vase is reported to have been found showing images of 'greyhounds' and is thought to date to around 4000bc.

Egypt: The ancient Egyptians held their 'greyhounds' in great esteem and were even worshipped. They were often mummified and buried along with their owners. They were kept both as companions and as hunting dogs.

Israel: Although the Israelites did not worship the greyhound they seem to have held it in high esteem. It is said to be the only dog mentioned in the bible! (see proverbs 30: 29-31).

Greece: It is thought the ancient grecians took greyhounds back with them after visiting Egypt. Alexander the Great is reported to have kept one called Peritas. Argus the greyhound is also mentioned in Homers famous tale, The Odyssey.

Rome: The ancient Romans are thought to have procured their greyhounds from the Greeks. The Roman goddess of the hunt, Diana, is supposed to have given her friend, Procris, a greyhound called Lelaps.

Wales: Around the year 916 King Howel decreed the punishment for killing a greyhound to be the same as for killing a person - death!
England: In 1016 King Canute made a law prohibiting any "meane person" from owning a greyhound. In the late fourteenth century Chaucer wrote about the in his 'Canterbury Tales' and Shakespeare also mentions them in 'Henry V'.

America: As the British emigrated to America they often took their greyhounds with them. It is said that General Custer coursed his fourteen greyhounds the day prior to his defeat at Little Big Horn. In the early 1900s Owen Patrick Smith invented the artificial lure and thus created greyhound track racing.




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