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Wildlife in Cornwall

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have an exceptional natural environment and a vast variety of animals and plants. There are  lots of specialist groups which study and record wildlife here and I am involved in one way or another with quite a few of them.

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Butterflies and moths

Oak beauty mothI am a founder member and volunteer Web Manager of the Cornwall Moth Group. I am also a member of Cornwall Butterfly Conservation.

I regularly run a moth trap in our garden in Penzance and try to identify and record as many as I can. Record ar sent to the COunty Recorder for moths and to the Garden Moth Scheme.The moths aren't harmed and are released as soon as possible.



Blue titCornwall is a great place to for twitchers and to see birds generally. On the moors above Penzance, I regularly hear Grasshopper Warblers and Skylarks. We occasional even get Greater Spotted Woodpeckers on our bird feeders.

We regularly put out food for the birds, and are well rewarded. The Cornwall Bird Watching and Preservation Society web site is a great place to find out more about our Cornish birds.



Fox cubMy partner is particularly involved with the West Cornwall Badger Group and actually even runs the web site himself. He also runs an Internet Community Group called Peninsula Badgers for people interested in badgers which is very active.


It is not unusual to see foxes, stoats and weasels here at DIng Dong, and this year seems a particularly good year for rabbits. Our garden is full of them. I do wish they would eat the long grasses rather than the short vegetation so we didn't still have to cut it.


Marine life

Grey sealCornwall is a brilliant place to be if you are interested in marine life, as we are nearly surrounded by sea.

With the warm currents from the Gulf Stream we often get reports of species you would expect to see in warmer waters such as Sun Fish.

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Poetry and verses by Stella M. Turk MBE

I am delighted, and honored, that our renowned wildlife expert, friend and closet poet, Stella Turk, has given me permission to publish some of her wildlife related verses on my web site.