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Marine life in Cornwall

Bottlenosed dolphinCornwall is surrounded on three sides by sea and boasts some of the richest and most diverse marine life around the United Kingdom.

Basking sharks, turtles and dolphins are regular visitors to our waters. An increasingly common visitor includes the strangely shaped Ocean Sunfish that usually arrives in early Summer on the Gulf Stream and stays in local waters  until the Autumn. Atlantic Grey seals breed here using the sea caves around our coast as safe haul-outs. There are many activities going on around our shores, such as rowing, sailing, diving, snorkeling and of course, the ever popular rock pooling and beach combing.

There are a lot of organizations in Cornwall involved in the conservation of our marine life, I have mentioned just a few of them below.

Penzance branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club

Penzance branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) Clubhouse is situated on Albert Pier in Penzance and has it's own bar.

They welcome all divers, either local or visiting, and hold regular social events, in the club and at local venues around the Mounts Bay area. The bar is open from 8.30pm for a weekly club night on Thursdays.

Ray Dennis is the Conservation Officer of the Penzance branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, and writes a regular newsletter for the Group.

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Helford Marine Conservation Group


Helford Marine Conservation Group is a voluntary organization working to safeguard the marine life of the beautiful Helford River, to increase its biological diversity and to raise awareness of its marine interest and importance.

The Helford Marine Conservation Group Members Section welcomes anyone interested in the care and conservation of the Helford Estuary. The society run a wide range of events and activities and you can find out more on on their web site.


Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Goose barnaclesThe Cornwall Wildlife Trust is also involved in the conservation of out marine life and run or support many marine related projects or groups.

Seaquest south-west are a specialist group of Cornwall Wildlife Trust volunteers involved in the recording the larger marine creatures around our coast.

Ray Dennis has compiled a couple of lists of the marine creatures sighted, stranded or landed in Cornwall, which he has kindly offered to let me publish on this site.

Also see the Penzance British Sub-Aqua Club Conservation Officer’s Reports for more marine sightings in Cornwall.